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High Vacuum Systems

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Climavent High Vacuum Dust and Fume Extraction Systems are designed to create a powerful suction through small bore flexible hoses. They are commonly used for welding fume extraction, centralised vacuum cleaning and on tool extraction. High Vacuum Systems consist of high pressure fans, Reverse Jet Cleaning Filtration Units and hose connection manifolds. The manifolds are strategically positioned throughout the workplace and are connected to the filtration unit by a fixed pipe work installation.

Alternatively, Mobile High Vacuum Units with a network of flexible hoses and manifolds can be used. For welding fume extraction, Climavent offer a standard range of arms, booms and magnetic suction nozzles suitable for most applications and compatible with all makes of welding torches with integral extraction facility.

When applied to centralised vacuum cleaning for industrial waste removal and general housekeeping, Climavent offer a comprehensive range of vacuum cleaning tools and antistatic hoses. The systems are extensively used for sanding and finishing applications and are compatible with all power tools with integral extraction facilities.

Climavent’s High Vacuum Fans and Filters have been successfully installed at major organisations throughout the UK, either static or mobile. Climavent used experienced engineers to install these systems when a large amount of product is to be vacuumed from various factory areas and collected at a centralised point. The contaminant, whether it be dust, powder or swarf, is transferred through fixed pipe work to a high efficiency self cleaning filtration unit. Here, it is separated allowing cleaned air to be re-circulated back into the workspace.

The separated product is then discharged from the filter hopper into large containers, e.g. IBC’s or waste skips. Depending on quantities and abrasive characteristics of the materials being handled, the systems can be supplied with rotary air locks or double flap valves.

About Climavent

Climavent has over 25 years experience in supplying dust and fume extraction systems to all levels of industry. Working across the UK, Europe and the Middle East, Climavent has an extensive product range, which includes High and Low Vacuum Systems, Mobile Extraction Units, Down Draught Benches and Dust Control Booths.

Whether it's a turnkey system or a stand alone product, Climavent can provide the necessary solution to your dust and fume control problems.

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