Climavent dust extraction and fume extraction shading

Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier Project

Climavent supply five more Fume Extraction Units for the Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier Project.

This recent order for BAE Systems will supplement twenty two existing units supplied in October 2010. Thirteen DH 2030 High Vacuum Units and fourteen HPV 725 General Ventilation Units are installed on the deck of the ship and on the dockside.

The DH 2030 units provide Welding Fume Extraction for 150 welders using a network of 100mm and 51mm diameter yellow hoses.

HPFV 725 Forced Ventilation Units supply fresh air for confined spaces through hoses of up to 100metres in length. HPEV 725 Extraction Units are used in conjunction with the supply air units and evacuate contaminated air from the same area. Red and Blue hoses are used to differentiate between the two types of unit.

For more information, contact Climavent Systems (+44) 1942 726164.

HPFV Ventilation Unit

DH2030 Mobile Unit

Rosyth - HPEV & HPFV Units


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