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Wet Collectors

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Invest in the best – our wet collectors are guaranteed to deliver maximum performance, and superior safety at an incredibly competitive price.

Climavent Wet Collectors have been designed and manufactured by our experienced in-house team of engineers in order to meet the rigorous health and safety demands of an environment with flammable dust. Whether your machinery is creating flammable dust from grinding, fettling, linishing, polishing or trimming applications, you can trust our wet collectors to effectively and safely remove these hazardous particles.

  • Non-corrosive GRP body
  • Stainless steel internal scrubbing components
  • No main filters, no moving parts and no sprays = no loss of suction over time

Wet Collector units draw dust-laden air though a tank of water, which allows particles to settle and form a sludge, which can easily be removed at the base of the unit. Water filled units also have an added advantage – they guarantee complete safety from the fire hazard associated with the exhaust of sparks and explosive dust.

When serviced on an annual basis, our wet collectors will provide many years of efficient extraction as the original high suction rate can be maintained throughout the lifecycle of the unit.

We supply LW22P wet collectors, ideal for coping with the burden of flammable dusts. Depending on the airflow requirements a smaller LW11P wet collector is available with a smaller footprint

Climavent have recently added a Stainless Steel Wet Collector to their portfolio.

Climavent Wet Collectors – backed by 25 years of industry experience worldwide!

Climavent has a reputation for designing and manufacturing products that meet high health and safety expectations in a wide range of industries from Aerospace through to Pharmaceutical – all over the world.

For over 25 years, we have been providing our clients with stand alone and complete dust extraction solutions that are effective and affordable. We also provide maintenance to ensure the efficient running of our wet collection units and other dust and fume extraction systems.

For more information about the systems and units we offer, call one of our advisors on (+44)1942 726164.

Climavent – accredited to ISO9001, CHAS and supply dust and fume control systems which are compliant to ATEX Directive 94/9/EC.

About Climavent

Climavent has over 25 years experience in supplying dust and fume extraction systems to all levels of industry. Working across the UK, Europe and the Middle East, Climavent has an extensive product range, which includes High and Low Vacuum Systems, Mobile Extraction Units, Down Draught Benches and Dust Control Booths.

Whether it's a turnkey system or a stand alone product, Climavent can provide the necessary solution to your dust and fume control problems.

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